our people

  • Photo Ben Watkins
    Ben Watkins Chief Executive Officer

    As CEO, Ben provides overall leadership and oversees Kimetrica’s technical services, ensuring that we provide World Class research, technology, advisory and training. Ben has a long history of managing complex emergencies and development initiatives.

  • Photo Rob Rose
    Rob Rose Chief Operating Officer

    Rob manages Kimetrica’s operations, including finance, human resources and business development departments. He works closely with our clients, partners and technical teams ensuring that our clients receive high quality deliverables at a reasonable cost.


  • Photo Roger Hunwicks
    Roger Hunwicks Chief Software Architect

    As Kimetrica's Chief Software Architect, Roger manages ICT and software development teams focused on transforming concepts for new technologies into web-based decision support tools. These tools are allowing our clients to manage projects and make decisions in ways that have never been possible.

  • Photo Christie Yarosh
    Christie Yarosh Head of Finance
  • Photo Jesaja  Everling
    Jesaja Everling Django Programmer
  • Photo Mehari Belachew
    Mehari Belachew Survey Manager

    Mehari is an expert in monitoring and evaluation and population-based survey design and management.  He is responsible for managing Kimetrica’s surveys in Africa. As a demographer with a long history of managing national surveys, Mehari provides our clients with in-depth knowledge and skills on all facets of survey management, from sample design to enumerator training to quality control.

  • Photo Frank Riely
    Frank Riely Senior Economist
  • Photo Allan Kinoti
    Allan Kinoti Sales and Marketing
  • Photo Agnes Kyenze
    Agnes Kyenze Software Team Leader
  • Photo Eric  Muchugu
    Eric Muchugu GIS Team Leader
  • Photo Sophie  Turnbull
    Sophie Turnbull Research Associate
  • Photo Asegid Debebe
    Asegid Debebe Software Project Manager

    Asegid is a Senior Software Project Manager and the Managing Director of Kimetrica’s Ethiopia office. Asegid and his team provide M&E software system design, customization, training and support services to clients.

  • Photo Perry Ndila
    Perry Ndila Survey Specialist
  • Photo Marion Matoke
    Marion Matoke Operations Specialist
  • Photo Elizabeth  Kamau
    Elizabeth Kamau Research Associate
  • Photo Bilhah Kimondiu
    Bilhah Kimondiu Software Project Manager
  • Photo Faith Karanja
    Faith Karanja Project Accountant
  • Photo Lawrence Kiarie
    Lawrence Kiarie Finance Manager
  • Photo Florence Muiruri
    Florence Muiruri Research Associate
  • Photo Girum  Haile
    Girum Haile Survey Specialist
  • Photo Abesha Atnachew
    Abesha Atnachew Finance and Administration Specialist
  • Photo Hamelmal  Kiros
    Hamelmal Kiros Software Tester and Help Desk Manager
  • Photo Girum Bizuayehu
    Girum Bizuayehu Senior Software Engineer
  • Photo Henock Lulseged
    Henock Lulseged Senior Software Engineer
  • Photo Melissa Earl
    Melissa Earl Researcher
  • Photo Julie Mandolini-Trummel
    Julie Mandolini-Trummel Head of Business Development

    As Head of Business Development, Julie leads the expansion of Kimetrica’s research, evaluation, survey, and modeling services through opportunity identification, technical proposal writing, and coordination. She facilitates partnerships, advises bid/no-bid decisions, and manages complex, multi-million dollar proposals.



  • Photo Andrew Pasini
    Andrew Pasini Head of Human Resources
  • Photo Jenny Yu
    Jenny Yu Data Scientist
  • Photo Jackie Troschinetz
    Jackie Troschinetz Human Resource Specialist
  • Photo Joseph Luketelo
    Joseph Luketelo Software Developer
  • Photo Douglas  Odida
    Douglas Odida ICT Infrastructure
  • Photo Lameck Odallo
    Lameck Odallo Regional Research Coordinator and Managing Director
    As Regional Research Coordinator, Lameck manages a wide portfolio of monitoring, evaluation and early warning projects across Eastern and Southern Africa ensuring that Kimetrica provides high impact, high quality, timely and cost-efficient research services in the region. He also serves as the Managing Director for Kimetrica Limited (Kenya).


  • Photo Hussein  Lightwalla
    Hussein Lightwalla Software Team Leader