Our Projects

  • Year 2009-2011

    Country Botswana Ethiopia France Ghana Kenya Lesotho Liberia Malawi Mozambique Namibia Rwanda Sierra Leonne South Africa South Sudan Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe


    Research and Evaluation PROJECTS

    International Household Survey Network Data Clinics

    The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) provides support to national governments in survey design, data management and data analysis. Kimetrica was contracted to provide technical assistance to government statistics offices through capacity development to conduct national surveys, manage data, and data analysis and dissemination. Kimetrica's technical trainers provided regional and national level training to over 20 countries in Africa and Asia on comprehensive micro-data evaluation, data processing systems, survey methods, analysis, indicator selection and public dissemination policy. The project increased the ability of national statistics bureaus to manage national surveys, process data and use data for policy and economic development decision-making.

  • Year 2008

    Country Angola Botswana Ethiopia Kenya Lesotho Malawi Mozambique Rwanda South Sudan Sri Lanka Sudan Tanzania Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe


    Research and Evaluation PROJECTS

    Microdata Management Toolkit Training

    The Microdata Management Toolkit developed by the World Bank Data Group for the International Household Survey Network aimed to promote the adoption of international standards and best practices for microdata documentation, dissemination and preservation. To this effect, Kimetrica conducted hands-on microdata management training for the National Bureaus of Statistics in 15 African countries. In Sri Lanka, Kimetrica trained national staff in improved methods for data capture, documentation, data storage and dissemination of microdata and metadata related to national surveys, such as household and expenditure surveys, population census and health surveys. The training included an introduction to the Organisation for Economic Co-ordination and Development's (OECD) Microdata Management Toolkit, an easy-to-use system for survey data management.  

  • Year 2006

    Country Botswana Kenya Mali


    Custom Software PROJECTS

    Knowledge Management System: Indigenous Vegetation for the Rehabilitation of Degraded Rangelands in the Arid Zone of Africa

    The Management of Indigenous Vegetation for the Rehabilitation of Degraded Rangelands in the Arid Zone of Africa Project addressed one of the greatest environmental problems of the arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) of Africa – land degradation. The project’s main goal was to develop a web-based information portal for knowledge management (KM). The project combined community-based indigenous knowledge, the findings of scientific research, and past practical experience to rehabilitate degraded ecosystems and conserve biodiversity within an internet-based information system. The system facilitated an exchange of knowledge and experience and fostered the development of conservation models and best practices, which could be transferred elsewhere on the continent. The KM system was the only comprehensive information system available for researchers, policy makers and project implementers to access information on drylands, and collaborate and share information through forums and discussion boards.