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    County Social Protection Coordination, Mapping and Capacity Assessment
    client: UNICEF sector: Livelihoods Social Protection year: 2017 Kenya, UNICEF

    In Kenya, social protection plays a key role in realising Kenya’s Vision 2030 which aims to provide a high quality of life for all its citizens by the year 2030 and a just and cohesive society with social equity.

    Kimetrica was contracted by UNICEF in 2016 to:

    1. Map social protection programmes and coordination structures, both formal and informal, at national, county and sub-county levels.
    2. Identify capacity gaps and make recommendations to enhance coordination at the county level and between national and county governments.
    3. Develop a Road Map for the implementation of integrated models of social protection at county level.

    The recommendations of the study informed the revision of Kenya’s social protection policy and investment strategy.

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    The Social Mobilisation Network (SM Net)
    client: UNICEF sector: Food security Health year: 2016 Somaila, Impact Evaluation

    The Social Mobilisation Network (SM Net) was established in 2013 by UNICEF to raise awareness of polio and increase coverage of polio vaccination in difficult to reach locations in Somalia. In 2016, Kimetrica was contracted to conduct an evaluation of the outcomes and impacts of SM Net on activities, including coverage of polio immunization activities, community level support for immunization, and local perceptions of trust in health service delivery. The evaluation was also to explore SM Net’s ability to deliver on other child survival and development interventions. Using a mixed-methods approach, the Kimetrica team collected primary data in collaboration with their partner Forcier Consulting, through key informant interviews and focus group discussions in 14 districts across Puntland, Somaliland and South Central.

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    Researching the Outcome and Impact of the Nutritional Improvements through Cash and Health Education (NICHE)
    client: UNICEF sector: Nutrition year: 2016 Cash transfer, Nutrition , Counselling, RCT, Stunting, Anthropometrics outcomes

    With technical support from UNICEF, Kitui County Government has developed the Nutritional Improvements through Cash and Health Education (NICHE) Programme which aims to target 3,800 households with children under two years of age and/or pregnant women. Kimetrica has been contracted to investigate the impact of the programme on awareness and understanding of practices resulting in improved nutritional status and improved anthropometric indices. More specifically, the study aims to assess whether combining nutrition counselling with cash assistance can improve nutrition outcomes.

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    Defining What You Do Best
    client: Kimetrica sector: Humanitarian Assistance year: 2016

    When organizations take on ambitious, complex and abstract goals, like reducing poverty, they are tempted to do everything it takes to achieve the desired results. Specialisation and rationalisation do not mean giving up on dreams of big impact, it means refocusing impact strategies around collaborative partnerships with other high performance but specialized organizations

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