About Us

About Us


Kimetrica’s mission is to increase the effectiveness of spending in the social sector. We provide software, research, survey, and modelling and impact simulation services for evidence-based decision-making and learning. We work with governments and non-profit organizations to increase the impact and efficiency of their social investments, enhance accountability, manage critical risks, and build donor or taxpayer confidence.

Kimetrica is a social enterprise where we care more about the impact of our work than about corporate profitability. We only hire highly-committed and motivated people who share the same ethos and dedication to the work we do.

We are passionate about our jobs. While we work in different disciplines, we have a common hunger for innovation and discovery. We strive for efficiency in all that we do, practicing what we preach. Continuous learning is part of our culture. Our personal and corporate commitment is to quality and integrity. We work hard, but always make time for family, friends, and fun.


Welcome to Kimetrica



Working for governments and international aid agencies, we had seen large budgets spent on tackling global challenges and in response to disasters. But big decisions were often made based on gut feeling or political expediency rather than on hard evidence. We wanted to do things differently.

From an office in Nairobi, Kenya, a small team started experimenting with new software and research methods to ensure that hard evidence was delivered to decision-makers in a meaningful format. We built prototype tools to measure impact and performance, and to manage disasters. These tools have been continuously refined since then, adapting to new thinking, technological change, and the evolving needs of our clients.

Now we are an international team of more than 70, many still based in East Africa. All our systems are web-based and designed to work from anywhere. Currently, our staff is based in Kenya, Ethiopia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Mongolia, Somalia, South Sudan and the United States. Our unique geographical spread allows us to test technologies and approaches in the toughest conditions and across different cultures.

Despite rapid growth and radical technological transformations, we are still true to our original mission and values. We remain intolerant of waste and inefficiency, and zealous about increasing the impact of social spending. We continue to experiment with new approaches and learn lessons from scientific research and commercial practices that can be applied to public sector and non-profit management.


"Kimetrica's work, helping to promote the use of new micro-data management tools and data dissemination methods among National Bureau's of Statistics, helped to further our work in NBS capacity development."

Geoffrey Greenwell - Paris 21

"Kimetrica's work with the Famine Early Warning Systems Network is truly inspiring. Because of Kimetrica's devotion to this topic, USAID is more effectively able to identify food insecurity throughout the world and save lives."

The Honorable Mr. Joe Neguse - US Congressman, 2nd District of Colorado

“Kimetrica provides a strong pool of professionals on quantitative and qualitative surveys, and data management who are extensively engaged in management, coordination and supervision of the data collection.”

Mr. Endale Lemma - USAID/Ethiopia

our people

  • Photo Jesaja  Everling
    Jesaja Everling Senior Software Developer and Engineering Team Lead

    As a Senior Software Developer and Engineering Team Lead with more than ten years of experience, Jesaja is knowledgeable in numerous technologies and several programming languages. He has successfully developed custom frameworks and cloud based solutions for different clients in commercial settings and is skilled with service-oriented architectures, leveraging the best technologies based on the context.

  • Photo Allan Kinoti
    Allan Kinoti Sales and Marketing

    As Kimetrica’s Marketing and Sales Team Leader, Allan is in charge of identifying relevant business opportunities, engaging potential clients and partners as well as coordinating the development of all Kimetrica’s marketing materials. He also manages Kimetrica’s website and contributes to it editorially. Allan works closely with the head of communications on internal and external public relations as well as on Kimetrica's social media presence.

  • Photo Agnes Kyenze
    Agnes Kyenze Software Team Leader

    As a software engineer, Agnes is part of the FEWS NET7 Hub software team that specializes in the development and management of web-based data warehouse and visualization tools. Her role is to meet client needs by determining algorithms, flows of execution, user interfaces, data structures, libraries, and tools required to fulfill software specifications.

  • Photo Eric  Muchugu
    Eric Muchugu GIS Team Leader

    As a data scientist, Eric leads Kimetrica’s applied science team in the development of crop, pest and livestock simulation models for the World Bank’s DARPA World Modelers project.

  • Photo Perry Ndila
    Perry Ndila Survey Specialist

    As survey and CAPI systems specialist, Perry designs research strategies, surveys, data sets and questionnaires for Kimetrica; she contributes to survey training materials and user documentation guides for surveys across East Africa, including refugees and remote areas. She trains enumerators and presents tools for both paper- and tablet-based surveys. Perry manages surveys, which includes organizing and troubleshooting fieldwork logistics and keeping clients up to date.

  • Photo Marion Matoke
    Marion Matoke Senior Operations Specialist

    Marion has over 12 years experience in project logistics and administration. As the Senior Operations Specialist, she ensures that Kimetrica’s core East Africa operations are timely, safe, cost-effective and compliant with relevant laws and regulations, client requirements, as well as the company’s internal procedures. Marion supports several teams working on projects spanning multiple locations across the region where she oversees field operations including procurement for projects assets, supporting enumerator recruitment and training, inventory management of all client and company assets and travel management for staff and consultants.

  • Photo Elizabeth  Kamau
    Elizabeth Kamau Research Associate

    As an experienced researcher and data analyst, Elizabeth brings to Kimetrica skills in survey design, evaluation methods, data quality control and management, as well as extensive field work experience. She works in the research department, assisting with desk reviews and reports writing, including monthly atmospheric reports and quarterly reports on political, economic and social development for USAID/Burma.

  • Photo Faith Karanja
    Faith Karanja Project Accountant

    As accounts assistant, Faith manages accounts payables, bank reconciliations, tax returns, journal entries, annual company audit, cash reconciliations, manages payroll  and finance correspondences. She confirms proposed budgets, does invoicing, and ensures compliance with laws for the Kenyan office.

  • Photo Girum  Haile
    Girum Haile Deputy Head of Survey Services

    Girum Haile has 15 years of experience in designing, managing, leading, and coordinating research activities in Ethiopia and Liberia. He brings extensive knowledge and direct survey field experience in survey design, including sample design, survey instrument development, data capturing, data management (data quality check, tabulation, data analysis using appropriate software like SPSS), and report writing and dissemination. Mr. Girum has experience in training of field personnel (data collectors, supervisors, coordinators) and field supervision.

  • Photo Abesha Atnachew
    Abesha Atnachew Finance and Administration Specialist

    As finance and administration specialist at Kimetrica, Abesha  is the lead on accounting, office management, operations compliance & human resources for the Ethiopia office. Abesha has 15 years of experience in finance, program management and general office administration, and has  worked for private and non-profit international organizations.

  • Photo Hamelmal  Kiros
    Hamelmal Kiros Software Tester and Help Desk Manager

    As software tester and help desk assistant, Hamelmal advises on software security and performance at Kimetrica, including load and stress testing procedures and review of security mechanisms. She provides technical support to clients and provides continuous feedback on Helpdesk / CRM processes to improve the procedures and ensure the organization is up-to-date with current trends.

  • Photo Girum Bizuayehu
    Girum Bizuayehu Senior Software Engineer

    As senior software engineer, Girum develops python-based (Django framework) data warehouse application and prediction model simulation tool for Kimetrica. He leads the customization of the design and development of result-based project management, data collection and analysis tools for the Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement through Market Expansion (PRIME) project. Girum also designed and developed software tools in the automation of household economic analysis (HEA) methodologies for Ethiopian Disaster Recovery Management & Food Security Sector.

  • Photo Henock Lulseged
    Henock Lulseged Senior Software Engineer

    As senior software developer, at Kimetrica Henock is responsible for software development using the .NET platform; core tasks include liaising with the PRIME Project Client and refining requirements, developing features and reports, and providing support to users.

  • Photo Andrew Pasini
    Andrew Pasini Head of Human Resources

    Andrew is a skilled and dedicated Human Resource Professional, with more than ten years of experience in the non-profit sector. He has an extensive  background in HR generalist affairs, including experience in recruitment and retention, staff development, mediation, conflict resolution, benefits administration, compensation, policy development and legal compliance, all skills he is able to apply in his current position as Head of Human Resources at Kimetrica.

  • Photo Jackie Troschinetz
    Jackie Troschinetz Human Resource Specialist

    As human resources and project administration specialist, Jacqueline uses her background in psychology to provide the best in human resource administration and to develop a satisfying working environment for Kimetrica’s employees and consultants, and she develops systematic company processes.

  • Photo Joseph Luketelo
    Joseph Luketelo Software Developer

    As a software developer, Joseph works with various programming languages (HTML5, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and client-side internet programming) to design and develop interactive and dynamic websites. He writes code and full accurate test code, and maintains websites. Joseph writes efficient and high-performance database code and SQL programming with stored procedures, triggers and views.

  • Photo Douglas  Odida
    Douglas Odida ICT Infrastructure

    As Head of ICT Infrastructure, Douglas is in charge of all infrastructure management and maintenance at Kimetrica. He develops cloud infrastructure strategy and performs regular reviews of the internal infrastructure setup. Douglas certifies cost effectiveness of all ICT services offered by Kimetrica, and manages the database administration.

  • Photo Joan Gathu
    Joan Gathu GIS Specialist

    As geospatial information system specialist at Kimetrica, Joan produces GIS and remote sensing project deliverables. She undertakes satellite image classification and analysis of agricultural areas, and processes demographic, welfare, and agricultural data for the data warehouse project. Joan is responsible for metadata development of all geospatial and data libraries for data warehouse.

  • Photo Peter Nyambura
    Peter Nyambura Data Scientist

    As a data scientist at Kimetrica, Peter develops physical and machine learning models using Python, scikit-learn and keras. He develops dashboards to visualize model outputs, in order to verify trends and accuracy live-time. Peter writes unit-tests to ensure the code works as expected and conducts literature reviews of the domain models to keep them up to date.

  • Photo Nicholas Yongo
    Nicholas Yongo Operations Associate

    As part of the operations team at Kimetrica, Nicholas specializes in supporting the projects general procurement, logistics and operations portfolio at the Nairobi office. Nicholas has 12 years of experience in logistics procurement and management, having worked for NGOs, and in oil, gas and automotive engineering sectors.


  • Photo Alfonce Wambua
    Alfonce Wambua Accountant
  • Photo Lanem Jafftich
    Lanem Jafftich GIS and data resource associate

    As assistant GIS analyst, Lanem does research on data sources, data cleaning, digitising, and analysis. He supports the applied science team with economic, health status and accessibility modelling. Lanem worked on the  Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency  (DARPA) and Method for Extremely Rapid Observation of Nutrition status (MERON) projects.

  • Photo Leila Nyambura
    Leila Nyambura Data Engineering Assistant

    As data engineering assistant, Leila is part of the Applied Science Team in Kimetrica's technical department. She performs and assists in tasks under the mandate of the Data Engineering and Acquisition Team; these include, sourcing data online across different domains based on client requirements, and with a view to enhance Kimetrica's data warehouse as well as cleaning and normalization of raw data to comply Kimetrica's ontology, and enabling integration of the data into the data warehouse.

  • Photo Abaynesh Setegn
    Abaynesh Setegn Administrative Assistant
  • Photo Mihretu Tadesse
    Mihretu Tadesse Survey Manager

    As Kimetrica’s survey manager, Mihretu liaises with the Statistics Office of Kenya to facilitate the selection of Enumeration Areas (EAs) where surveys will be carried out. He participates in the development and refinement of survey tools, including questionnaires, interviewer’s manual, supervisor’s manual, listing manual, forms, etc. He works with the local language translation team and Kimetrica staff to ensure that the data collection tools are refined and consistent with the English version. Mihretu ensures that tools are digitized, and tablets are ready for CAPI.

  • Photo Faustine Imbayi
    Faustine Imbayi Office Assistant

    As an administrative assistant in the Nairobi Office, Faustine takes care of Kimetrica’s office needs. She maintains cleanliness and does basic secretarial work. She keeps track of cleaning and office supplies and makes sure they are well stocked. Faustine plans to pursue a diploma in procurement. 

  • Photo Swapnil Mishra
    Swapnil Mishra Human Resources Generalist

    As part of the Human Resources team, Swapnil manages various functional aspects of the Human Resources department. She provides day-to-day support to employees companywide, and assists with projects and processes across a full range of HR functions. Swapnil brings more than eight years of experience in the Human Resources field.

  • Photo Anteneh  Ayele
    Anteneh Ayele Survey Coordinator

    As survey coordinator with more than 10 years experience in research and evaluation, Anteneh manages all end-to-end activities for Kimetrica’s large-scale surveys, including survey planning (including budget and training plans); sample design implementation; questionnaire design and pre-tests; enumerator training; coordination of field logistics; fieldwork monitoring and supervision; data quality assurance assessment supervision; data entry, data cleaning, and data analysis; documentation of survey processes; report writing; and technical assistance and oversight of day-to-day implementation of surveys based on agreed timelines.

  • Photo Emilio Camuso
    Emilio Camuso ICT Support Analyst

    As an ICT support analyst at Kimetrica, Emilio is responsible for daily operations administration, hardware and software research and procurement, and for providing support for information management services.

  • Photo Andrew Rayner
    Andrew Rayner Contract Assistant

    As a Contract Assistant, Andrew collaborates with the Contract Manager to provide project support and documentation at Kimetrica. He arranges travel, assists with compliance, conducts reporting, and maintains general office support. He also facilitates staff and consultant recruitment.

  • Photo Yared Hursia
    Yared Hursia Data Science Specialist

    As data science specialist at Kimetrica, Yared works on the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) world modelers project, which aims to develop models using population, conflict, household economics, water, markets, health and and humanitarian operational responses to to estimate the level of food security in in fragile states. In that capacity, Yared is responsible for the following machine learning pipelines: predicting refugee flows across nations; predicting the flow of internally displaced people in Ethiopia and South Sudan; and predicting the probability of conflict at a local level.

  • Photo Selma Kalousek
    Selma Kalousek Head of Communications

    As Head of Communications, Selma works with the marketing department to expand Kimetrica's brand, manages communications, and helps keep Kimetrica’s website relevant and up-to-date. With a background in journalism, Selma edits Kimetrica's reports.

  • Photo Amber Moffett
    Amber Moffett Research Analyst

    As the project manager for a USAID project in Southeast Asia, Amber oversees the work of Kimetrica's technical, research staff and in-country sub-contractors. She also serves as a research analyst and gender specialist on other projects, where she conducts and analyzes both primary and secondary research, contributes to methodological developments, and ensures that projects maintain a gender-focused lens. In addition, Amber managed the process evaluation for the African Risk Capacity (ARC) disaster risk insurance payout in Senegal. She regularly works on projects for USAID, the World Bank and UNICEF.

  • Photo Andrew Somers
    Andrew Somers Software Project Manager

    Andrew is a software project manager and oversees Kimetrica’s software development process and team for a large USAID-sponsored database aimed at understanding and reducing the impact of global food insecurity.

  • Photo Ahmad Mohassel
    Ahmad Mohassel Applied Scientist and Senior Economist

    As an Applied Scientist and Senior Economist, Ahmad develops econometric and machine learning models to analyze food insecurity and economic problems. He is currently focused on developing the market price model, household economic, and cost intervention models.

  • Photo Mehlam Akbarali
    Mehlam Akbarali Software Engineer

    Mehlam is a software engineer based in Nairobi, Kenya, responsible for the development of software features, identifying solutions to customer requirements, designing scalable solutions for high-integrity data requirements, and data acquisition for the Kimetrica Data Warehouse among others. He also specializes in geospatial and remote sensing analysis for research projects and evaluations to provide sound Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based solutions.

  • Photo Agnes Wambui Ng'ang'a
    Agnes Wambui Ng'ang'a Finance Manager

    As the Finance Manager for USAID's Afya Uwazi Kenya third-party monitoring (TPM) project, Agnes oversees finances and administration, and ensures compliance with USAID’s regulations and Kimetrica’s internal procedures. She carries out operational activities, such as start-up, mobilization, demobilization, and activity-specific procurements, and supports field team logistics. In addition, she prepares periodic financial projections and reports, leads the activity’s financial reviews, and analyzes and troubleshoots financial issues.


  • Photo Hussein  Lightwalla
    Hussein Lightwalla Software Team Leader

    As senior software developer, Hussein is one of Kimetrica’s chief software developers, leading Kimetrica’s Data Engineering and Acquisition Team, which focuses on developing highly-curated data sources, tools and technologies that help ingest datasets from various sources and standardize them for usage across different projects. He works directly with clients to migrate data into other systems. Hussein plays a key role in developing data collection tools, data collation and cleaning scripts and training field staff for MERON (see more in What We do section of our website).

  • Photo Isaac Kiplagat
    Isaac Kiplagat IT Assistant

    Isaac provides IT support to all Kimetrica departments and staff, which includes hardware and software installation; configuration and upgrade of common office software; troubleshooting connectivity issues; and monitoring and maintaining the corporate LAN and WAN. He also assists with procurement, inventory management and tracking of the company’s ICT equipment, as well as administration of select corporate systems.

  • Photo Claire Simon
    Claire Simon Chief Research Officer

    As Chief Research Officer, Claire leads a team of 15 researchers and survey experts across multiple country offices.  She provides strategic direction to major research projects, manages and builds strong client relationships, develops academic partnerships, and keeps the team abreast of new and innovative techniques and methods in research design and implementation.  


  • Photo Mehari Belachew
    Mehari Belachew Head of Survey Services

    Mehari is an expert in monitoring and evaluation and population-based survey design and management.  He is responsible for managing Kimetrica’s surveys in Africa. As a demographer with a long history of managing national surveys, Mehari provides our clients with in-depth knowledge and skills on all facets of survey management, from sample design to enumerator training to quality control.

  • Photo Sarah Tisch
    Sarah Tisch Project Director

    As Project Director, Sarah is responsible for leading the Famine Early Warning (FEWS) Data and Learning Hub activity, to manage, share, and facilitate use of data, information, and knowledge to help achieve the FEWS NET goal of sustainably preventing food insecurity and famine. Sarah has focused her career on the improvement of livelihoods and unleashing the potential of women and men around the world through agriculture, natural resource management, information technology, gender equality and inclusion, good governance, and civil society.


  • Photo Lameck Odallo
    Lameck Odallo Regional Research Coordinator and Managing Director
    As Regional Research Coordinator, Lameck manages a wide portfolio of monitoring, evaluation and early warning projects across Eastern and Southern Africa ensuring that Kimetrica provides high impact, high quality, timely and cost-efficient research services in the region. He also serves as the Managing Director for Kimetrica Limited (Kenya).
  • Photo Asegid Debebe
    Asegid Debebe Software Project Manager

    Asegid is a Senior Software Project Manager and the Managing Director of Kimetrica’s Ethiopia office. Asegid and his team provide M&E software system design, customization, training and support services to clients.

  • Photo Lawrence Kiarie
    Lawrence Kiarie Head of Operations

    As Head of Operations, Lawrence is the lead on procurement, travel and administration operations compliance, human resources and accounting for Kimetrica’s East Africa office.  An experienced logistician and administrator with over 12 years of experience in operations and accounting, he has previously served as Kimetrica’s Regional Finance Manager and Accountant.

  • Photo Rob Allport
    Rob Allport Chief of Party

    As Chief of Party, Rob is responsible for leading food security analysis and third-party monitoring in remote, hard-to-reach communities. He is also responsible for providing regular reports and advice to donors, humanitarian organizations and NGOs. 

  • Photo Ravi Ram
    Ravi Ram Chief of Party

    As Chief of Party for the Afya Uwazi third party monitoring (TPM) of the health supply chain in Kenya, Ravi oversees a team of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) specialists and technical experts focused on strengthening accountability and transparency for critical and essential medicines and health commodities. Ravi brings extensive experience working in monitoring, evaluation and learning for the Kenya health system. Having worked in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia for more than 25 years, he has a strong perspective on what works and what does not in development.

  • Photo Lena Brown
    Lena Brown Deputy Chief of Party

    As Deputy Chief of Party, Lena provides technical assistance and support to the Chief of Party and Field Monitors for Kimetrica’s East Africa office.  She is responsible for contract management and compliance. She recruits, trains, and assists with the field staff management.

  • Photo Roger Hunwicks
    Roger Hunwicks Chief Software Architect

    As Kimetrica's Chief Software Architect, Roger manages ICT and software development teams focused on transforming concepts for new technologies into web-based decision support tools. These tools are allowing our clients to manage projects and make decisions in ways that have never been possible.