Our Projects

Our Projects
  • Year 2010-2012

    Country India Peru Senegal Vietnam


    Research and Evaluation PROJECTS

    Impact Evaluations: Data Management and Integration & Field Based Training and Support

    As a response to preventable threats posed by poor sanitation and hygiene, the World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP) implemented a Scaling Up Handwashing Behaviour Change and Sanitation Program in six countries. The major component of the project was to reduce the incidence of disease. Kimetrica implemented the program’s impact evaluation in four countries: India, Peru, Senegal and Vietnam. The evaluation, which was based on formal quantitative surveys, documented the health impacts and relevant project costs of WSP interventions. To measure impact, the evaluation carried out randomised controled trials using household surveys to capture key outcome indicators. Kimetrica's survey and software experts provided data capture software and training in household survey enumeration, data capture, and quality control to local survey firms in the four project countries. The development of data capture software, including web-based reports, provided both quality control and survey coordination. The World Bank used the final impact evaluation data to measure the impact of its investment, as well as to inform follow-on programs.