Our Projects

  • Year 2015

    Country Bangladesh Laos Nepal


    Large-Scale Surveys PROJECTS

    Food for Education Programmes: Baseline Measures and M&E Services

    Kimetrica was contracted by WFP’s Asia Regional Bureau to undertake baseline surveys for its USDA-funded McGovern-Dole school feeding programmes. The main deliverables included revising country office performance management plans, evaluation plans and research terms of reference. Baseline surveys of targeted school populations were carried out in Bangladesh, Nepal and Laos. The use of smartphones for data capture greatly facilitated the work, especially following an earthquake in Nepal. Final results and reports delivered to WFP included the identification of key performance indicators, an M&E plan, and methods for results reporting. 

  • Year 2012

    Country Bangladesh


    Research and Evaluation PROJECTS

    Feed the Future Monitoring and Evaluation System Design and Initiation

    As part of the Feed the Future (FTF) initiative, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bangladesh commissioned a review of its performance metrics and monitoring and evaluation systems. In support of this work, Kimetrica conducted an analysis of the existing state of performance monitoring, both at the USAID Mission and among implementing partners. The analysis and recommendations provided USAID with a framework through which a web-based performance management and reporting system could be implemented across USAID Bangladesh. It included: (1) Web-based reporting software to allow implementing partners to feed results data into USAID’s reporting mechanism; (2) Process enhancement to ensure that implementing partners improve data collection for FTF results indicators; and (3) Training and capacity development of Mission staff and partners in M&E.