Our Projects

  • Year 2008

    Country DRC Kenya Rwanda South Sudan Tanzania Uganda


    Large-Scale Surveys PROJECTS

    Great Lakes Cassava Initiative in East and Central Africa: Baseline Survey and Supply Chain Management Tools

    To better target project inputs and measure impact, Kimetrica's survey staff conducted a baseline survey of over 9,000 households and hundreds of communities in six east and central African countries, including war-affected areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The data collected established baseline measures on cassava yields and utilisation patterns, targeting methods, yield impacts of cassava mosaic disease and overall impact on food security. In addition to the baseline survey, Kimetrica developed a supply chain management system to help the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization better manage the distribution of cassava mosaic disease-tolerant material to farmers in east and central Africa.

  • Year 2008

    Country Burundi DRC Kenya Rwanda South Sudan Tanzania Uganda


    Custom Software PROJECTS

    Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting System; Great Lakes Cassava Initiative

    The Great Lakes Cassava Initiative (GLCI) was implemented to strengthen the capacity of local partners in preparing for and responding to the Cassava Mosaic Disease and emerging Cassava Brown Streak Disease pandemics that threatened food security and incomes of cassava-dependent farm families in six Great Lake countries: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The project linked with existing breeding programs, farmer evaluations of new varieties, and integrated crop management options to train 3,000 farmer groups in improved farming techniques to increase crop yields. In support of the project’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system, Kimetrica's survey team conducted surveys of over 9,000 households in six countries to establish a monitoring, evaluation and reporting system for the GLCI. To facilitate M&E across multiple countries, Kimetrica's software team created a web-based system, allowing for the fast collection of time-sensitive data at the farmer level. Combined with data collection tools to help track the spread and mitigation of Cassava Mosaic Disease across the project area, the M&E system provided Catholic Relief Services and its partners with a near real-time M&E system for project management and impact measurement.

  • Year 2007

    Country DRC Kenya South Sudan Tanzania Uganda


    Research and Evaluation PROJECTS

    Technical Assistance in Agricultural Relief Programing

    East Africans face multiple hazards, such as droughts, floods, conflicts, crop and livestock diseases, and unstable market conditions. These hazards often result in crises which are exacerbated by the region’s characteristically high rates of food insecurity. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) emergency response often focuses on providing seeds and tools to mitigate food insecurity created by man-made and natural disasters. To help FAO better address and target emergency needs in east Africa, Kimetrica’s food security team developed specialized strategies to strengthen agriculture relief activities. Focusing on east and central Africa, the services included developing strategic plans and funding proposals. Strategies for the expansion of cassava and sweet potato production were developed for South Sudan and the Great Lakes Region. In addition, contingency plans were established and integrated in the FAO regional advisors' disaster management program.