Our Projects

  • Year 2014-2015

    Country Nigeria


    Research and Evaluation PROJECTS

    Social Protection Mapping in Boko Haram Impacted Regions

    Kimetrica was engaged to map existing social protection initiatives geared toward improving access to health services for populations, particularly women and children, in the two northern Nigerian states impacted by Boko Haram insurgents. After completing the mapping, we analysed the impact of the existing programmes and their effectiveness in mitigating the impact of poor maternal and child health factors in the states. Finally, we assessed the relevance and feasibility of different forms of health related social protection initiatives, including cash transfers and community health insurance schemes.  The work was used in the development of UNICEF’s social protection strategy for Nigeria.

  • Year 2013-2014

    Country Mozambique Nigeria USA


    Large-Scale Surveys PROJECTS

    Service Delivery Indicator Survey Support

    As part of the World Bank’s Global Service Delivery Indicator Surveys, Kimetrica’s research team developed data capture applications using CSPro and trained local firms in data entry and data quality control. In addition, Kimetrica’s statisticians provided support in data quality reviews as well as recommendations on data improvements to ensure accurate and comprehensive analysis. The work made a significant impact on data quality and capacity development in survey and data management systems in local firms.