Our Projects

Our Projects
  • Year 2016-2017

    Country Namibia


    Information Management PROJECTS

    Data Warehouse, Monitoring and Reporting Tools: Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism

    In support of the Government of Namibia’s implementation of a national policy to protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change impact through the diversification of community livelihoods, Kimetrica was contracted to develop a web-based compliance monitoring system. The system includes a data warehouse, tools for capturing data on mobile devices, and reporting modules for both management and national level monitoring. It is an open source system, allowing for future customization, easy maintenance, reduced operating costs, and easy access to facilitate use. Optimized for low-bandwidth connections, the web-based application supports both mobile and desktop devices. In addition to the data warehouse, it includes a document archive, based on the open source Mayan electronic document management system tools (EDMS) and data capture modules based on KoboCollect -- an application for primary data collection in humanitarian emergencies. Hosted on a cloud server, the system requires virtually no software maintenance, curbing the need for continued software support.