Our Projects

Our Projects
  • Year 2018-2023

    Country Myanmar


    Research and Evaluation PROJECTS

    Myanmar Analytical Activity (MAA)

    USAID/Burma selected Kimetrica to carry out its five-year Myanmar Analytical Activity (MAA). Myanmar is a hugely diverse, conflict-affected country undergoing rapid change politically, economically and socially. MAA thus requires timely, precise and highly-relevant reporting on an array of topics affecting the country, its people, and the Mission's varied portfolio. Kimetrica, in cooperation with its sub-contractor Mekong Economics, in Yangon, employs various methods—from interviews with ethnic leaders and citizens in difficult-to-access regions, to satellite imagery and advanced visualization tools—to collect the most precise data possible. Data are systematically analyzed and findings are clearly presented in powerful ad-hoc; monthly; and quarterly reports. These reports, along with Kimetrica's geographic analyses, are subsequently used to inform strategic decision-making within the Mission and beyond. They are distributed through a website Kimetrica built, which contains a library of dashboards, key literature pieces on Myanmar, public and private datasets.